About us

About Us

Mind is a developer and supplier of smart solutions for video communications and shared collaboration. We offer flexible, affordable solutions to our clients that comply with their requirements, technical specifications, and business needs. Our solutions are implemented both on SaaS and In-House platforms and enable all types of video communications: videoconferences, webinars and online broadcasts.

Historical Summary

The company was established in 2010 by a group of private entrepreneurs. Prior to starting a new business, its founders set up a laboratory for research of promising video technologies. As a result, several prototypes of video service systems were developed: videoconferencing, video consulting, video monitoring, broadcasting, video chat, and others, and early in 2011 a videoconferencing product was launched. After several months of market testing the product a decision was reached to concentrate efforts on developing the Mind videoconference service. Before long a number of bids were won, and as a result of those the company became a partner of several large telecom operators and system integrators. In 2011 a beta version of the service was developed and launched, a portfolio of solutions significantly expanded, and during the summer of 2012, the company was entered into the Guinness Book of Records for organizing the largest webinar in the world (12,000 attendees).

Our Achievements

Mind today is a fast growing company. Currently we have:

  • A flexible and constantly growing portfolio of smart solutions that can be customized to client needs
  • Over 10,000 video conversations weekly
  • Over 300 clients - corporate, federal and educational institutions
  • Over 50 experts many of whom have worked in the VoIP area for over 5 years 
  • Over 10 partners - popular brands in the IT and telecommunications global markets