Guinness World Record Using the Mind Technology

22 May On May 21, 2012 a new world record for the Largest Online Training in the World was set in Moscow. Representative of the Guinness Book of Records registered 12,012 online attendees of the largest webinar arranged by together with Mind.

Note that the previous record was set in Cambridge, MA, USA on August 23, 2011 and included 10,899 attendees.

The online training system used the Mind platform, which provides the best communication quality on the market and allows an unlimited number of users to participate in the webinars. and Mind have been working on online video interaction services using the Internet for over three years. The features of the technological platform created by the experts exceed anything similar that has been created in Russia.

Mind was established to help people communicate and interact – regardless of time and distances. The World Record, registered in the Guinness Book of Records testifies to the need and demand for advanced technology in all walks of life both for personal education and for business development.

As the event organizers the Mind – Dmitry Sklyarov, and the – Ilya Churakov noted, “12,012 online participants is not the limit for remote training, there are many records to be set ahead of us.”