Mind Adds Fuel to the Fire

11 May Kuzbass Fuel Co. (KTK) has decided to use the Mind video conference and webinar services for investor communications.

KTK was established in 2000 and in 12 years became one of the leading coal producing companies in Russia. The company maintains its leading position in the market and in the industry by using advanced technologies and up-to-date corporate management methods. KTK geography includes coal producing plants and business units in the Belov District of the Kemerovo Region, a distribution network in Western Siberia, headquarters in Kemerovo, and an office in Moscow.

The Mind video conference service can solve a number of efficiency issues for both internal and external communications.
“Using video conferencing significantly simplifies communications with the remote offices of the Company, as well as with foreign investors. Mind is a simple to use and reliable tool for everyday work,” said Investor Relations Manager of the Kuzbass Fuel Co. Vasily Rumyantsev.
Using Mind, KTK can optimize management process, coordinate interactions between offices in real time, conduct online meetings and reduce business travel expenses.

Various formats of video conferencing (teleconference, video call) allow fine-tuning corporate communications both on the employee level and at the top management level.