Mind and Novolipetsk Steel Provide New Remote Education Opportunities for Lipetsk State Technical University

14 May The Novolipetsk Steel (NLMK) is providing the Lipetsk State Technical University (LSTU) with the advanced Mind video conference service as part of its co-operation agreement with Mind.

Now the students will be able to attend lectures remotely, have online consultations, discuss research and development projects, display visual materials, and participate in webinars and round tables. Using Mind the University can reach out to other educational institutions both in Russia and abroad and engage in scientific or project collaboration with them.

“LSTU is one of the primary suppliers of personnel for Novolipetsk Steel,” said the HR and Social Policy Director of Novolipetsk Steel Sergey Melnik. “That is precisely why we want to offer new educational opportunities using advanced technologies. In our opinion, remote education will provide opportunities to larger communities even outside Lipetsk or the Region, and that means a wider range of new, talented and promising employees.”

The Mind service was established to help people communicate and interact – regardless of time zones and distances. The decision of NLMK to use the Mind solutions at the LSTU, testifies to the need and demand for advanced technology in education.