Mind Safeguarding Science

02 April On March 28, 2013 Mind arranged a Makhachkala-Moscow-Riga teleconference.  

The Acting Head of the President’s Administration of the Republic of Dagestan Anatoly Karibov, the Chairman for Dagestan Committee for Youth Affairs Zaur Kakhrimanov, Deputy First Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Dagestan Artur Dalgatov, Representative of the European University Association Tatjana Volkova (Latvia), Head Researcher of the Computing Centre of the Russian Academy of Science Alexander Uvarov, and Microsoft Education Elites Audience  Lead Anton Shulzhenko took part in the teleconference.

The goal of the teleconference was to familiarize its participants with the main trends in the development of present-day education. The teleconference lasted for nearly three hours during which the participants had an opportunity to consult the experts on all the issues they were interested in.