New Version of the Mind Video Conference Service

12 March Mind, the Russian developer of SaaS solutions has announced the release of a new version of the Mind video conference service.

The new 2.x version is designed on a unique in-house platform and is radically different from the previous version. Open beta testing of the Mind 2.x service lasted 8 months and culminated in production release.

Service users will find over 20 changes that significantly simplify the service and make it more effective. Some of the service functionality has been expanded: attendee rights settings or the option to transfer moderator rights, for example. Polling units and address book have been extended.

There are now such features, requested by the users, as the whiteboard, which enables the moderator to enter text and draw pictures in real time during a video meeting; it is also now possible to share documents in real time, which makes video meetings much more effective. The updated functionality of the new version of Mind 2.x allows you to avoid unwanted chat messages using pre-moderation. Webinar pre-registration has also been added for user convenience, as well as the option to create personal conference rooms and to import contacts from Microsoft Outlook.

“A multitude of improvements to the quality and usability of Mind 2.x was made in the course of beta testing. The users will be able to feel the advantages of the new version right away. Right now both versions are available on our website, but in the future we plan to move to the 2.x version entirely,” said the Mind Chief Strategy Officer Julia Rakova.

Mind was established in 2010 and specializes in development and integration of video solutions for communications and collaboration. The services developed by Mind are intended, first and foremost, for service providers, corporations, and small and medium-sized businesses. Mind solutions are implemented on both the SaaS and in-house platforms and enable conducting video conferences, webinars and online broadcasting effectively. In 2012 Mind was entered in the Guinness Book of Records in the Largest Training in the World category.