RTS-Tender and OTC.ru Will Enable Its Counteragents to Communicate "Live" for the First Time in the History of Government Procurement

16 July RTS-Tender and OTC.ru, the online facilities for state, municipal and civil procurement, are now offering its counteragents a new service. Over 320,000 RTS-Tender and OTC.ru users can now enjoy video conference service for negotiations between suppliers and clients. This is the first time that this service is offered in the history of Russian state procurement.

The main purpose of the innovation is to improve the efficiency of negotiations between the vendors and clients by providing an opportunity to communicate “live”. For the first two months all traders can use video conferencing for free. The services will begin to be billed later on monthly basis.

According to statistics, the effectiveness of video conferencing compared to live communications is 91 percent, while e-mail, instant messaging, and the Internet are 30 percent effective and telephone communications are 40 percent effective.

Mind was chosen among other video solution suppliers for offering the best terms and for guaranteeing the high quality of the video service. The RTS-Tender and Mind partnership follows the white label model which allows the clients to include the developer’s products in their own service packages under their own brands.

Mind video solutions do not require additional expenses for IT infrastructure, no additional software or hardware needs to be purchased or installed: they are available directly through the Internet browser. The service is provided using the Mind cloud software. In order to arrange a video conference all you need is a web camera and a computer that is connected to the Internet.