Updated Functionality of the Mind Meetings and Mind Webinars Services

22 March We are happy to present the updated version of the Mind Meetings and Mind Webinars service.  

The new release concentrates on improving the video conference service on poor channels and offers the following new features:

- For attendees without the right to broadcast, the sound/video are buffered on the client side, so the webinar attendees now receive good quality video and sound even with a slow/unstable Internet channel.
- A new feature has been added that enables you to choose the picture quality when sharing the desktop (low, medium, high). The window displaying the desktop has been expanded as well.
- The service interface has been improved: the recording and conference invitation displays are now more explicit, and the Exit and End the Event buttons are now functionally separate.
- Echo suppression in video conferences and webinars has been improved.
- You can now check whether your computer properties and Internet speed are sufficient for quality video in service settings. The system testing tool is now integrated into the service.
- Chat management features have been expanded: save to file/clear chat, pre-moderation/post-moderation.