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  • What do I do if during an event (in the room) a user is disconnected from the event (the room) several times a minute and the service gives a "Connection is interrupted. Resume connection in … seconds" error?

    There are 2 possible causes:
    1. The user has an unstable Internet connection and it is periodically interrupted.
    2. A firewall is installed in the office network, which drops the connection because of the restrictions set (for example by type or size of traffic). Ask the system administrator to create rules, which will allow service connection on ports 80 and 1935.

  • The system gives an "Incorrect Link" error when I try to enter an event (a room).

    You might have copied the link incorrectly, or are trying to use an old link, or the host has sent you an incorrect link. We recommend that you copy the link carefully or ask the host to re-send you the invitation.

  • One of the attendees receives both video and audio with delays. What is the problem?

    Such problems can occur if the user has a slow or unstable Internet connection (3G or Wi-Fi, for example), or if the hardware configuration does not adhere to recommendations (check the computer load and close all unused programs).
    To improve the connection we recommend that you:
    - Do not download files (torrents, etc.) and videos via the Internet (YouTube, etc.) during the event (while in the room).
    - If at all possible, use wired Internet connection.
    - If you are logging into the event (room) using a corporate computer, we recommend that you contact your system administrator with a request to decrease the channel load to improve the signal quality.
    - The attendee can also minimize the speaker's video in order to improve the sound qual

  • What do I do if the microphone or the camera does not work?

    While you are in the event (room) click the My Settings link in the top left corner and make sure that you have selected the correct camera and microphone. Check if the use of this equipment is permitted in the Adobe Flash Player settings (right-click in the speaker's area or the user's video area in the top left corner -> Parameters -> Security Tab -> check Allow). Ensure that the equipment is plugged in correctly, that the current version drivers are installed, and that the equipment is not used by another application.

  • How can I restore or change my account password?

    On the system login page next to the login and password fields, or on the Registered User Tab of the linked event (room) login pages or a request to attend an event, follow the Forgot Your Password? Link and enter the e-mail address that you used when registering. A link will be sent to that e-mail for changing the password. In addition, while logged into the system, you can change the password in your profile, by following the Profile link in the top right corner of the Home page.

  • What do I do if an "incorrect password or login" error appears when I enter my password?

    It is possible that you are copying additional characters while copying the password (spaces, for example). We recommend that you enter the password manually. It might also be that the keyboard is set for another language or you have Caps Lock on.

  • What do I do if I can hear an echo?

    There is an echo suppression feature available. It is available both in the system and during an event (in the room). Click on the My Settings link and flag Advanced Echo Suppression.

  • How can I check audio volume?

    During an event (while in the room) click the My Settings link in the top left corner and adjust the Volume cursor. You can check the current speaker volume by clicking the Play Audio button to the right of the Volume cursor.

  • What do I do if I get a message that Adobe Flash Player is not installed?

    You need to download and install the Flash Player from the Adobe website by following the link: http://get.adobe.com/ru/flashplayer/otherversions/. Then restart the browser and login again.

  • After logging out of the event (room) a poll comes up. What do I do?

    If you are a registered system user, when you leave an active event (room) a window may come up with a number of questions concerning your satisfaction with the system, the subscription price, etc. You can skip it and answer it next time. To do that click the Skip button. Or you can answer the questions, checking a number 1 through 10 and click the Send button (then this poll will not come up when you exit the event (room) next).

  • How can I remove an unwanted guest from an event (room)?

    Click on the user card in the attendee list and click on Remove Attendee. This can be done by the event (room) Moderator.

  • How many attendees can take part in the event (room) in video mode at the same time?

    There is no limit on the number of attendees. We do, however, recommend that no more than 9 speakers share at the same time.

  • What are the roles of the event (room) attendees?

    In an event (room) the host can appoint any attendee as a Moderator, a Speaker or an Attendee. By default the role of Moderator is assigned to the event (room) organizer. The Moderator has the most extensive access rights to the event (room). The Speaker of the event (room) is identical to someone giving a presentation in a live meeting or conference. The Speaker has the most extensive access rights of regular attendees of the event (room) regardless of the event (room) settings. By default the attendee role is assigned to all those invited to the event (room). Access rights of the regular attendees depend on the settings set by the event moderator.

  • How can the quality of the attendee video be changed?

    You cannot change the video quality for a specific user. The Moderator may change video quality for all event (room) attendees by clicking the Video Quality button in the control panel and selecting the appropriate video quality for the attendee panel and for the speaker panel.

  • How can an attendee hide the speakers' videos?

    Click on the speaker's video that you would like to hide and click on the minimize sign in the bottom right corner. This might be necessary if you need to reduce the Internet load or improve the audio quality on a poor network.

  • How can the organizer turn off the attendees' video or audio?

    There are several ways in which a Moderator can turn off the attendees' video or audio:
    1. While planning an event (creating a room) follow the Change Individual Conference Settings link and in the Share section choose Audio Only to leave only the attendees' audio or Blocked to disable both audio and video.
    2. While planning an event (creating a room) create a new template and in the Share section choose Audio Only to leave only the attendees' audio or Blocked to disable both audio and video.
    3. During the event (while in the room) hover the mouse over the attendee card (in the Attendees panel) and click Do Not Share Video or Do Not Share Audio.
    4. During the event (while in the room) hover the mouse over the video frame of the attendee (in the Speakers panel) and click on the Block Camera or Block Microphone button.
    5. During the event (while in the room), click on the Attendees Rights button in the control panel and in the Share section choose Audio Only to leave only the attendees' audio or Blocked to disable both audio and video.

  • How can I rename an event (room)?

    Only a Moderator can rename an event (room). To change the name of the event (room), click on its name at the top center of the screen, type in a new name and hit ENTER while the event (room) is in progress.

  • What types of documents can be presented at the event (room)?

    The following types of files can be presented at the event (room): pdf, doc, docx, txt, rtf, odt, ppt, pptx, pot, pps, xls, xlsx, xlt, ods, jpeg, png, gif. Animation and macros are not supported. To improve the presentation quality of ppt and pptx files it is recommended that they are first converted to PDF.

  • How can I save chat history?

    The Moderator can save chat history to a file. To do that, select Save to File from the drop-down menu in the Chat panel.

  • How can I allow (block) message posting in the chat?

    The Moderator can allow (block) message posting in the chat in several ways:
    1. While planning an event (creating a room) follow the Change Individual Conference Settings link and set (remove) the Post Chat Messages flag
    2. While planning an event (creating a room) create a new template and set (remove) the Post Chat Messages flag
    3. During an event (while in the room) click on the attendee icon, select Fine-tune Rights and set (remove) the Post Chat Messages flag
    4. During an event (while in the room) click on the Attendee Rights button and set (remove) the Post Chat Messages flag.

  • How can I delete a chat message?

    The Moderator can delete any message as well as block them (it is not possible to block Moderator's messages); a regular attendee can only delete his or her own messages. To delete a message click on it and select Delete Message (deletes one message) or Delete All Messages and Block Messages (deletes all messages of the attendee). The attendee may delete his or her messages by clicking on the message and selecting either Delete Message or Delete All Messages.

  • How can I allow (block) links in the chat?

    The Moderator can allow (block) a link in the chat message in several ways:
    1. While planning an event (creating a room) follow the Change Individual Conference Settings link and set (remove) the Insert Link in Chat flag
    2. While planning an event (creating a room) create a new template and set (remove) the Insert Link in Chat flag
    3. During an event (while in the room) click on the attendee icon, select Fine-tune Rights and set (remove) the Insert Link in Chat flag
    4. During an event (while in the room) click on the Attendee Rights button and set (remove) the Insert Link in Chat flag.

  • How can I begin to share a presentation or a whiteboard?

    The Moderator, the speakers, and the attendees with the "Share Document, Whiteboards, Desktop" and "Upload Documents" rights have the right to share. Once you have the appropriate rights, go to the Documents Tab and upload the document in the acceptable format. Then select it from the list of uploaded documents and click on Open. Then, in order to show it to all attendees click on the Share Document in the top right corner. The document will be displayed in the Speakers panel. To share a whiteboard, go to the Whiteboard Tab and click on Share Whiteboard. To stop click on the same button again.

  • Can attendees other than the Moderator share the desktop?

    Any Speaker or event (room) attendee can share the desktop once the Moderator has assigned them the appropriate rights.

  • How can I begin to share my desktop?

    A Moderator, a speaker or an attendee with the right to share the desktop in the event (room) can share it. To do so, select the Share Desktop Tab. Click on the Upload Applet button in the top left corner of the tab. After the upload a blue border will appear around the shared area. This border can be moved and its size can be changed. To begin sharing the selected area click the Begin Sharing button. To end, click the End Sharing button, to hide the border, click the Close Applet button.

  • How many moderators can there be in an event (room)?

    The event (room) organizer can assign any attendee to be a Moderator.

  • Is it possible to upload videos and audios to the event (room)?

    Yes, it is possible. Those attendees that have permission can upload audio and video files through the Documents tab. However, they cannot be opened; they will only be available for download.

  • Why do you need the Raise Your Hand button?

    When an attendee clicks the Raise Your Hand button, a raised hand pictogram appears on his or her card. It signals to the Moderator that this attendee would like a word in the video-audio mode.

  • How can I create a poll?

    Event (room) Moderator or any other attendee with the rights to create a poll granted in the event (room) settings can create a poll. To do so, during an event (while in the room) click on the Poll Tab, follow the Create a New Poll link and enter the poll information.

  • How do you switch the interface to English?

    As you log in, when you enter username and password you can also choose the interface language - Russian or English. You can also change the interface language through My Settings.

  • How long can continuous recording last?

    The recording will be automatically interrupted after the last attendee exits the event. The recording will last for 5 hours and 15 minutes if there are attendees in the event and the Moderator does not extend the recording. If the Moderator extends the recording, it will continue for another 5 hours, after which the Moderator will have to confirm the extension again.

  • Is it possible to conduct encrypted events?

    Yes, it is possible. In encrypted mode the connection will go through port 443 using the RTMPS protocol. Event encryption has complete functionality: both video and audio messaging is encrypted, as well as the documents and desktop display. To switch to the encrypted mode change the protocol from http to https in the address line of the browser and refresh the page.

  • What is saved in the event (room) recording, where can I find and download the recording?

    The following are saved in the recording: the attendee videos from the Speakers panel, the attendee audios (those whom the Moderator gave the rights to share an audio), shared documents and desktops. The recording is saved in the MP4 format. To download the recording go to the Documents Tab, click on the document with the recording (it will have the same name as the event (room) and will have the time it was created added to the name) and, if the moderated allowed downloading, a Download button will appear. Once you click on that button you will be able to download the recording. Also after the end of the event (after archiving the room) (if you were a registered user) you can select the event from the list and click the View Recording button. In the new window select the Documents Tab, which will have the recording of the event (room) and all documents uploaded during the event (room) available for download.

  • Which ports need to be open for the service to work?

    Port 1935 for media traffic transfer and port 80 for file upload; if you are working with the https protocol only port 443 is required.

  • Is it possible to use the service from a mobile device?

    Currently there is a mobile application for iPad. It can be downloaded through the App Store.

  • How do you create unique ticket-links? What are they for?

    Unique ticket-links give the right to log in using the link a limited number of times, i.e. if you need to invite a limited number of people to the event (room) and not allow additional connections. To create the tickets do the following: in the top center click the Tickets button and specify the number of tickets and the number of login times, click the Generate button and then you must Save. After that you can copy the tickets and send them to the attendees.

  • What do users need to prepare for attending an event (room)?

    They need to make sure that the latest versions of Adobe Flash Player and Java Runtime Environment (for desktop sharing) are installed on their computer. A web-camera and a headset (earpiece and microphone) are required for video communications.

  • How can I add a new attendee to an event or a room?

    There are 3 ways to do this:
    1. Copy the link in the About the Event window (opens by following a link in the top center) and send it to the new attendee.
    2. Create a unique link-tickets while planning the event (creating the room) or in the About the Event window (opens by following a link in the top center), limiting a number of simultaneous connections on each ticket.
    3. Send a personal invitation, if you know the name, e-mail or phone number of the attendee. To do this, in the Attendee panel click the Invite button, enter name, phone number or e-mail of the new attendee in the new window (Enter button is the end of the entry, Backspace button will delete the previous contact) and hit Invite.

  • How can I make the video turn on automatically when a user logs in to the event (room)?

    When the Moderator of the event (room) is logged in, he or she needs to click the Attendee Rights button in the control panel and select audio and video sharing. Then the attendees will be connected to the event (room) automatically in the video mode. Also while planning the event (creating the room), you can choose the Conference template or in your own template create the settings for audio and video sharing. However, simultaneous video sharing of more than 9 attendees is not recommended.

  • The room disappeared from the list after archiving. Where can I find it?

    To see the archived room in the list, enter its name in the Search field in the Rooms Tab.

  • What is room archiving and how do I do it?

    Only the Moderator has access to the room archiving feature. Once the room has been archived, it cannot be entered. It is only possible to see the recording of the room, to delete the room (by the Moderator), or to hide the room (by other attendees). There will be a "This room is archived" message displayed on the room's card. To archive a room click on the Archive link on the card of the room. Then in the Confirm Room Archive window click OK.

  • What is the Create Room feature?

    In addition to one-time events, you can create Rooms, where you can hold meetings repeatedly. As in planning a regular meeting, when you create a room you can select any of the existing templates or create your own. When a meeting is over the room does not close, but remains available. You can hold meetings in the same room an unlimited number of times and the attendees can log into it using the same link.

  • What is the difference between a Conference and a Webinar template?

    The event functionality will remain the same regardless of the template. The difference is in the settings of the event attendee options. In the Conference mode all attendees will log in with the video and audio turned on and will see all the conference attendees. They will also have an option to upload and display documents, invite new attendees, draw on the whiteboard and share it, conduct polls, share the desktop, send messages and links using chat, send messages via chat without preliminary moderation, send remote access requests, and view conference recording. The names of the attendees who sent the messages will be displayed in the chat. In the Webinar mode the attendees can only log in after it has been started by the Moderator and are connected only as attendees with the video and audio turned off. The attendees can only see the Speaker and the Moderator. The names of the attendees who sent the messages are not displayed in the chat. The attendees may not manage the presentation, upload and share documents, draw and share the whiteboard, share the desktop, send a chat message without preliminary moderation, send remote access requests or create polls.

  • What is the difference between a Conference and a Webinar?

    A conference is an event format in which several speakers (attendees) communicate with each other in a video-audio mode. In the webinar there is only 1 speaker, the others are the attendees.

  • How can I test the quality of the Internet connection?

    In order to test the quality of your Internet connection follow the link. Here you can take a Connection Test: either a Fast test or an Accurate test. The tests differ by the number of parameters and the time it takes. To get the most accurate results we recommend that you take the Accurate Test.

  • How can I test the computer for compliance with system requirements?

    To test your computer for compliance with our requirements follow the link. In the new window you can take the general system test, the Internet connection test, and the hardware test. You can also write to technical support if a difficult problem arises.

  • If the Moderator logs out of the event, what happens to the attendees?

    Nothing, all the attendees will remain in the conference and the Moderator can log back in.

  • What can I do if I cannot upload a presentation?

    If a document of the supported format does not upload to the system, it is possible that port 8084 is not open in the network. The user needs to ask the system administrator to open this port.

  • A ppt or pptx presentation uploads with incorrect formatting.

    It might be that the user is trying to upload a presentation that has animation, conversions or other elements that are not supported. If that is the case, we recommend to save the document into a PDF format and to try uploading it again.